Thursday, November 25, 2010

Eclectic Thoughts on the Spirit and the Flesh

Today, as it has always been, there is a clash of powerful opposing forces. Forces that drive every aspect of our existence. It is a fact of our lives. A truth from which we cannot escape. The human spirit has a peculiar habit of crying out to God when overwhelmed. God created man part spirit and part flesh. The flesh was born in this world. It’s make up is of the elements of this world. Every molecule was a one time part of something else. Dust we are and to dust we shall return.( Gen 3:19) Our body is a temporary structure, (2 Cor 5:1) made from the elements of this earth which itself is deteriorating.( 1Cor 7:29) Just as the world is suffering because of it’s corruption so the body is also suffering under the curse.
The spirit on the other hand is not comprised of anything that originated on the earth. The spirit cannot be detected by our senses or our instruments. It just is. God created the spirit that in our lifetimes is bound to the flesh. It is who we really are. Our bodies are just a housing we will exist even after our bodies do not. The spirit is immortal. A wicked man won’t ever cease to exist he will suffer separation for eternity. We are given the choice to walk by the desire of either the flesh or the spirit.
Every man serves someone. You serve the ruler of this physical world or you serve the God who made it. There are many paths to choose from when serving the “god” of this world. But there only one way to serve the father.
Man by his fleshly nature is slighted to be self-centered. We only know what we think. We can not hear what other people think. Therefore we can not depend on other men. Their motives are hidden from us. So foolishly we put ourselves at the center of our universes. Our lives revolve around us. It used to be all we knew. This is the only skin we’ll ever be in.

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