Monday, December 6, 2010

Success vs Failure

To succeed in this world means to accomplish something. Align action with purpose and will to achieve a desired outcome. Many men base their identities upon there successes. Some on their failures. In today's world we are taught to believe on of two things about ourselves; that we are one two things a success or a failure. And there is some sort of unwritten code or point system that measures which side of the line you’re on based on the point values of your various successful undertakings and less successful exploits. Not surprising is the fact that those task deemed by the world to be more valuable and thus more worthwhile are the immoral evil action done by men who feel no shame. Men of God are already at a disadvantage when we walk out the door know that the things that bring other men favor within the world we can not condone. It is hard sometimes living a corrupt world where every man is considered either a success or a failure.
But what is a failure. Can it be simply defined as someone who fails? No one on earth can claim they have never failed. Does that mean that we’re all failure? The fear of failure can leave us paralyzed unable to act for fear of loss. And when we fail we can become discouraged and destructive mindsets can be established. Instead of trying harder to succeed often time we guarantee our failure by not trying at all.
Let’s get a healthy dose of perspective.
“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”(Romans 3:23) All fall therefore all have failed. As humans we fail everyday. We sin against the almighty God. How can you fail anymore than that! You fail to live up to your potential being made in God’s image for his glory every time you do something that brings shame to his name. (OUCH!) But there is hope in the next verse. “They are justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.” Isn’t that verse like a weigh of your chest. Justified by His grace, just say that word. Grace, doesn’t come out like a soothing sigh of relief. Ah, Grace. If it doesn’t it should. In other words the penalty for failing got a lot more bearable when you accepted his gift of grace and mercy. When Jesus died on the cross he said to us all, “You’re failures are pardoned. You’re debt is paid. I got you. Go and sin no more.”
“God presented Him as a propitiation though faith in His blood to demonstrate His righteousness, because in His restraint God passed over sins previously committed.” The death of Jesus the spotless lamb was the removal of the consequences of our failures. We are no longer defined by our sin. We are no more sinners than we are failures. And we are not sinners. We are saints who sin. The whole point of the Bible is man finally being reconciled with God after his fall. A person's purpose here on earth is to be reconciled with God and then to bring Him glory. When you accepted Christ that was the ultimate success that goes way beyond their point system. It permanently made you a success in Him. The word says that the angels go nuts every time a sinner comes to Christ. Every regenerated Christian is a success in God’s eyes. Believe it and live like it. We will come across situations where we will not find success. Be comfortable with who you are. Let get comfortable with our failures.

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